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Serving the humanity, especially the people who are poor, downtrodden, diseased or belonging to weaker and deprived sections including the women, children and old persons, and work for their well,being and a living with respect, dignity and meaningfulness. To cause awareness and take up measures for prevention of disease and promotion of health physical, mental, social and spiritual in the community, both rural and urban, and engage in the activities of providing necessary medical facilities to every segment of the community, especially to the chronically sick, diseased and helpless people. Also, provide health education and psychological counseling services. To establish, takeover, support, run, maintain and administer hospitals/nursing homes for the health management and treatment of disease, particularly the poor and helpless and including those who are handicapped or are suffering from severe, chronic or terminal illnesses.

Also, to promote and advocate alternative systems of medicine like Naturopathy, Ayurveda, Acupuncture & Acupressure etc. by providing services, training, research and development facilities. As per the provision in Kerala. To establish children's homes, orphanages, old age homes and home for widows, destitute and homeless people. To undertake activities for empowerment of women and upliftment of their economic, social and political status by providing basic and technical education, vocational training, self-employment training, advocacy, IEC activities for all-round awareness about their status and role, legal aid and conducting self-defense, self-awareness and self-help programs. To provide institutional, non-institutional, psychological support to destitute and helpless women and make efforts for their rehabilitation and development. To create and operate facilities for the welfare and care of elderly. people to enable them to lead a dignified, secure, healthy, peaceful and active life and help them effectively meet the geriatric challenges, claim their rights, mitigate discrimination and overcome poverty. To establish, develop and manage institutions for the physically, Mentally and socially challenged children with an object to provide them shelter, facilities, care, support, counseling, education and an opportunity for a healthy growth and personality development; hence enabling them to meet the life-challenges with best of their capabilities.

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To establish, open, develop, adopt, run, support, maintain and administer schools, colleges, hostels, training centers and career counseling centers so as to promote and provide education of all types, as per the rule prevailing in the country. (i.e. basic, professional, technical and competition oriented etc.) for the benefit of general public and needy, promising or meritorious students. To institute scholarships, stipends, medals, prizes etc. to help and encourage talented or meritorious individuals and deserving students and to provide financial aid to students, scholars and teachers coming from poor and deprived sections of society for pursuing their educational career. To undertake programs and engage civil society, business, public sector, general public and other stake holders on environmental protection, sustainable development and climate change issues. Also undertake and promote research work on climate change issues and provide evidence based inputs for global/national environmental protection and climate change policies. To engage in activities and advocacy for protection and preservation of cultural heritage, promote Indian culture and Indian history and promotion and spread of Hindi literature. To create environmental awareness for sustainable development with Social forestry, agro forestry, tree plantation, community forestry as wells as medicinal plantation toconsumerism with an aim conscious society. Promote Indian system of medicine and to create a socially and environmentally To work for maintenance and conservation for bio-diversity and environment including free awareness generation programs like training, workshops, lectures, campaign etc. to acquire the skills needed for mitigation of environmental problems.

To engage in activities and advocacy for protection and promotion of human rights, promote/ advocate a rights-based approach to development and help the victims of human rights violation by providing them assistance and advice. To engage in activities promoting peace, harmony, mutual respect, human values and brotherhood in the community and causing awareness about one's duties towards fellow beings and the society. To promote cultural activities- music, performing arts, fine arts, folklores and facilitate the talents in realizing their potential by providing support and assistance. To engage in advocacy and undertake activities for prevention and eradication of corruption in public life, promoting integrity and good governance. To arrange and manage yoga, meditation, counseling and spiritual. centers, gyms and physical education /fitness centers and engage in activities to promote physical, mental and spiritual health. To develop and execute programs to empower the youth and underprivileged sections of the society for self-reliant India.

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To generate a spirit of self-help and create self-help groups particularly among the people of deprived and weaker sections and backward areas to make them self-reliant and self- sufficient. To conduct study, research and development in the fields of health care, environment and climate change, protection and promotion of human rights, education, empowerment of women, prevention of corruption, rural development, welfare of children, women, senior citizens, other weaker sections of the community and in all other subjects dealt by this Trust and share the outcome with the relevant agencies/authorities. To establish and maintain libraries and reading rooms at the registered and branch offices of the Trust and other places. To undertake publication of in- house newsletters, research papers, survey reports, periodicals, house magazines, journals, monographs, pamphlets etc. for the exposition of the objects and activities of the Trust and its wide dissemination.

To conduct local, regional, national, exhibitions, seminars, conferences, workshops and special trainings on the subject matters dealt by this Trust and support and facilitate Trust members'/nominees participation in such events organized elsewhere. As per the Indian Test Act. To acquire and take over all or any part of movable or immovable properties of any similar trust, society or institution or anyone else, whosoever may offer the same and is deemed right after due diligence, for the purpose/aims and objects of the Trust and to maintain such assets. To raise funds, through grants, aids, donations, subscriptions, sponsorships, presents, rent, gifts and loans or any assistance in other form etc. for the fulfillment of aims & objects of the Trust. As per the rules of RBI and Income Tax Act. To receive financial and non-financial assistance from any Government department (both central as well as state), public sector, non government organizations, international agencies/organizations, banks, Body corporate(s) Public Bodies, urban, local municipal, district and other bodies and other legal entities. To fulfill the objective of the trust.

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The Trust is established for the benefit of all people irrespective of and without any discrimination on the ground of caste, religion, region, creed, race or sex.


The area of operations of Trust shall be all over India.

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