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Dr. E. P. Johnson, former President, Indian Association Sharjah had adored this prestigious position for the 2 term consecutively with a thumping majority. It reflects that he succeeded in maintaining the tradition that had been followed by his ancestors in an appreciable and exemplary manner proving that he has become an icon of hope and a beacon of abundant community activities.  


He was the General Manager of his business engaged in manufacturing process. Belonging to Sooranad in Kollam District of Kerala, from a reputed family with established democratic political ideologies. Graduated from Devaswom College, Sasthamcotta. Acclaimed for his leadership and oratorical abilities. Ardent believer in Gandhian philosophy and ideologies.

He has been pivotal in developing and maintaining a fruitful relationship between the Arab-Indian community through various networking programmes like elaborated conduct of 5 day long Labour Day celebration and interactive programmes in association with the Labour standards Development Authority (LSDA) in Sharjah. He also arranged to conduct frequent Blood donation Camps through various sources of community departments as well as opened exclusive counters to serve the Indian Community at the time of Amnesty declared by the government last time.


He is one of the oldest Life Members of Indian Association Sharjah (Founded in 1979) and has had held positions of the Joint General Secretary and Managing Committee Member around two decades back. Later, for a long period of nearly two decades, he has been into selfless, silent social work without having any political or administrational goals.

His area of activities are spread over a wide canvass of initiatives. He is relentlessly involved in various sort of activities to promote Indian culture and tradition wherever possible.

Being in to this prestigious position, he was shouldered with the heavy responsibilities of ‘Sharjah Indian Schools’ run by Indian Association Sharjah, one of the pioneering educational institutions owned and run by an expatriate Indian Association with the state-of-the-art infrastructure that  provide educational facilities to more than 16,000 children of NRIs with affordable fees.

He is actively involved in resolving the problems of the expatriate community in the UAE and tries his best to solve them in liaison with the Consulate General of India, Govt. of Kerala and the Union Ministries in New Delhi.

He and his team make regular visits to Sharjah jails, hospitals and Labour camps to provide them necessary assistance in the form of monetary support, free air tickets to those who have completed their term in the jail, and also get through all the legal formalities as per the procedure/rules of the Indian Consulate, Dubai.

He was pre-determined to materialize the dream project of establishing Al-Ibtisama Centre for the differently abled, immediately after he was sworn-in as the President of IAS on 14th May 2018, he and his dynamic team started working on it seriously right from the day one of his presidential tenure.

For many reasons, Al Ibtisama’s well-timed inauguration on 09-09-2019, withstanding various pressures and overcoming all the snags and hitches is definitely another impressive feather on the presidential crown of Dr.E.P.Johnson which would ever remembered as an evidence to his efforts and achievements.

It’s a matter of proud to mention that Indian Association Sharjah is the first organization in the Middle East that initiated such a noble venture of establishing a center for the differently abled children identifying its necessity in the Emirate of Sharjah which is a great blessing to hundreds of parents and their differently abled children to develop them to the mainstream.

He is always stern on the stand that adoring a position in Indian Association Sharjah is a responsibility rather than holding a prestigious position. He strongly believes in Winston Churchill’s quote that ‘a pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity and an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty’, He and his team strives hard to make every difficulty, an opportunity and is optimistically looking forward to conquer the impossible.

He is married to Mrs. Sissy Daniel and blessed with two children, Maria Johnson, daughter, an engineer by profession and employed in Sharjah, Mithin Johnson, Son, an Engineer with MBA from Symbiosis, employed in Hyderabad.


  1. Currently the President of Indian Association Sharjah for the second consecutive term and completed 3 years of Presidentship by May, 2021. Had held the position of Joint General Secretary in 1988. Associated with IAS as its Life Member for 35 years now. 

  2. Patron of several local organizations in Kerala. Actively involved in social and cultural activities as IAS community member.  Recently been felicitated by the Chief of Sharjah Police. 

  3. Actively involved in the community affairs and social commitments towards the NRI in particular. Led the Kerala Flood Relief activities, Covid -19 relief activities and a lot more.

  4. HONORARY DOCTORATE: It’s a matter of immense pleasure that he is honoured by the GILGAL Biblical Seminary through conferring him a ‘DOCTORATE’. This honorary Doctorate Degree would make him more humble and responsible as it is conferred to those people in recognition of their significant contributions towards social development of Indian community in the UAE.


The GILGAL Biblical Seminary is the only Seminary in the Middle East accredited with Asia Theological Association (ATA) and Church of God Grade Level IV (USA). It’s indeed a moment of realization that makes it even more precious and priceless as the same has been conferred to him from amongst a vast number of nominees who are all celebrated personalities from different walks of life, exercising strict scrutinizing and short listing procedures.

  1. Recently awarded with the prestigious ‘RASHTRA SEVANA RATNA PURASKAR’ in the ‘Man of humanity’ segment by the ‘Global Confederation of Pravasi Malayalis’, an expatriate organization based in UAE.

  2. ‘Kerala State Janakeeya Samithi’ awarded him with the ‘PRAVASI PURASKARM-2019’ for his commendable contribution and support for the expatriate Indian community in the UAE.

  3. He was honored by the prestigious ‘Alleem Brand Ambassador Award’ in 2019.

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